New Skills Needed: Stop being so pathetic!

Learn a New Skill

I’ve got a lot of things on my mind today.

I’m thinking about how Napoleon Hill (dead author) used to sit and visualize every day 30 minutes what he wanted to see happen in his life. Imagine that. This guys thinking about visualizing and exercising the law of attraction way before “the secret” ever got published.

get some new skills

I’ve always thought the man was ahead of his time, however, I haven’t really stopped to consider that maybe these things were all at play way back then.

I have often thought about how difficult this time is in business and in relationships. With the stock market bouncing all over the place and people losing their houses and then other people like investors buying houses at a fraction of the quality normal price. Then I realize something about authors like Napoleon Hill. I recognize that they lived in much tougher times.

The world was at war and there were lots of economic problems. He tells me that no matter where we are in life there’s going to be good things and bad things going on all the time. We can really choose to focus in on what is necessary for us. This idea of choice is incredible if you really consider it for a moment. You realize that you could choose to do anything you wanted today.

You might say that you don’t have the type of money that enables you to do anything you want today, however, I would suggest that you consider that you CAN put yourself in any direction you choose today. So if money is your issue you can learn a new skill and try to make money at it.  There are new skills all over  the place… like CPR, swimming instructors, just to name a few. Just think of anything. You might find it takes you on a great road. I just found this… WWW.ACLSORLANDO.ORG

or swimming instructor school:  WWW.SWIMMING.ORG

The other thought that comes immediately to mind when I consider choice is the fact that we get to choose things based on how we feel in the moment. We really don’t have to back up our choices with lots of explanations and reasons. As long as we are spending time backing up our decisions with reasoning, we are surrendering our freedom of choice to something else. You get to choose what you like simply because you like it. It should be rooted in choice rather than decision. Any time that it is rooted in decision then you know it isn’t really something that you were centered on rather it is something that is a matter of logic.

OK, so before you think that I’ve gone into the really deep water here, let me bring it back home. If I ask you what color you like, you most likely will have an answer. Maybe he’ll say blue or green or purple.

But as soon as you tell me, I don’t ask you why? I just accept your answer. The reason for that is because I am OK with whatever you choose. However, if I ask you why and you respond well Green is the color of the forest blue is the color of the sky and purple is the color of grapes and you love grapes, Then, I have moved you into the realm of logic.

My point is is that logic is not connected to freedom and choice. When you have the freedom to choose however you want without having to back it up with reasoning, then you were living free.

Another area where this is easy to see is the music that you like. You like it because… Well, you like it. You don’t necessarily like it just because the message is clear or the singer has a higher range or some reason related thing although those maybe true. You like it because you like it.

So I recommend that when you think about the things that you are thinking about LOL, make sure that you’re spending time in freedom where you can choose things based on your likes. There is no one else designed quite like you. Be yourself live your self.

No explanation, no reasoning, no logic… Just yourself.

It’s really a matter of choice every time.

— July 31, 2015