Letter to my “Ex”

Shoving your kids off constantly is a real problem. I understand that you might be worn out and tired. But your proclamation of such things only serves to promote your constant pseudo victimization.

However, these are kids that you chose to bring into the world too. You need to take responsibility for them. You know how you are… my child comes to you in the middle the night because he’s afraid what do you do kick him in the back of the head verbally as he retreats back to his bedroom?

That’s what you might as well be doing when you scream at him at the top of your lungs that he should get out of your room and leave you alone. Way to go mom! Nice bullying.

You know I despise it. I despise everything about it. I understand we all get tired and weary, but your inability to manage your life doesn’t mean that you should always take it out on your kids.

It seems to me you only want to help your kids when it benefits you. Yeah, I know these are some strong statements. But history just shows it over and over again.  You hide behind a cloak of smiles and nods.

When your daughter was sick in the hospital it sure made you look good for your friends. Ahh, the poor, poor mom, who is just trying her best to be there for her daughter. However, when nobody was looking, you took off for a few days you go off to Las Vegas.  Not many knew about that trip did they…not even FB.

I mean seriously when else are you going to be there for your family?

Yeah, then you hid from her. But you didn’t mind telling her all the bad things that I might have ever done.

You suck…you don’t realize what you do to the people around you, or maybe you do and that would just make it worse. You weaponize people against others, and all around you everyone is left in your wake of destruction.

Hey, but you aren’t alone. There are many that act the same way. I thought it was just narcissism. But it’s more. It’s about power. It’s about control. It’s about lying when it helps maintain dominance.

But your lies, your deceits, your arrogance, your commitment to blaming others, even the innocent to promote your own way, will catch up. At least I pray it will. It will catch up during a late season.

It will catch up in a form of loneliness, when there is no one left for you to control. The pseudo cries and victimized charade will disappear and you will be left with what you have built.

Or, what you have unbuilt through destructive words and actions.

I feel sorry for the little girl inside you, who is controlled by the monster who dominates you, who tells you, you have no value outside of your control of others.


Signing off….Disgusted


— July 9, 2015