He said/she said humdinger

He said she said humdinger

Do you have an ex? Well if you do you might understand what I’m about to explain to you. If you’ve ever had a situation and relationship that ended badly then you might be able to relate to the story that I’m about to tell you.

So here’s the dealio. Ex-wife shows up with the new husband.

Yeah they’ve been married about four days at this point. You just seem like the flavor of the month for a little while there but I guess they decided to go ahead and make it official.

Let me set the stage a little. Think of big alimony payment and a home that was paid for by my family that she kept. This guy moved into it he’s got his cake and he is eating it too.

Except, the only problem is that alimony is no longer needed now that they’re married. So yeah, they lost that part.

But I didn’t make them get married. I didn’t force him to get married or anything. I’m a softy so they let me know that they’re having problems with the old house that I built. They had a couple questions about things and how they work. Set up a time to go over and help them out. I even let them borrow some things that they want a particular afternoon returning at my house.

That’s the backstory. Now we can get into what was said.

She said she wants more money for the kids. I said that’s fine I can contribute to more but I want you to know that my obligation is filled. He flips out it’s the roof says things are going to be his way.

I am looking at this new guy that has been married to my ex-wife for a total of four days. Now, he marches up into my home as if he owns me too.

Yeah, no, not on my watch.

So after a verbal exchange that would make a English teacher on crack throw up. I told him to leave.

I told him that they were willing to ruin our entire relationship and coparenting in order to be right about their situation that they thought I should just simply dish out more money.

It’s not enough that I pay for insurance and child support and college savings etc. They want me to contribute an extra $50 here and there for expenses they don’t feel like freaking paying for.

I figured what’s next? Oh I need money for toothbrush?

I thought I can agree to this but I am going to make sure that they know that they can’t just show up at any time and demand more things for me and expect me to deliver.

I know what you might be thinking why would I allow myself to be bullied? Well, truth is I grew up in a pretty tough environment at home. I’m used to it. Just now I have committed myself to no longer being bullied.

It all ended badly and I think we’re going to end up having to get some lawyers involved eventually. I hope that’s not the case but it’s just the feeling in the spirit of the whole thing you know.

Next thing I know I go to pick up my daughter because it’s my time with her. She decides suddenly she doesn’t live with me anymore.

Ain’t that a bitch. Sucks to be me for that scenario. So, I decided I’ll help her out. I tell her you can’t just treat people like this in life here’s all your stuff call me when you’re ready to come back. When you are ready to come back you and I will sit down and figure out a better working relationship.

You can call me harsh but you don’t know my world. I’m trying to teach my daughter that she can’t control and manipulate her way to the top.

Well, I suppose she could, however, the fall will be hard and brutal.

So that’s the story. That’s where I’m at. I hope that things turn around here shortly. I certainly pray every day that my daughter will come home and then my ex and her new husband will leave me the hell alone.

— July 1, 2015